Ways to get a higher paying job

There are many ways to raise your value as a possible new hire. You want to show why you’re worth a higher salary than before. It’s more than your educational background or experience level. It’s about declaring yourself as truly well rounded and a top expert. Thus elevating you above others in your field.

  1. Enhance your list of skills. It may be anywhere from getting a few more certificates to learning new software. You need to find anything that might be missing in terms of specific requirements that experts would know. Having all technical aspects of your profession covered is key. This also builds trust when you apply for that higher paying job.
  2. Gain management experience and skills. Having a management position will indeed grant you more money. If you have never been a manager you could still acquire experience. For example you could train a new hire at your current job or study management in a training course. You can then add that to your resume.
  3. Stand out in your field. To secure a higher paid position you want to be the only one the company that is doing the hiring notices. In addition to your established skills and experience, you should have networking opportunities in place. Get to know others in the job market. Introduce yourself to those that are at the corporate level. All the way to the company headquarters that you could be potentially applying at
    and leave a good impression. This way if you are on a job interview they can recognize you and have a good sense of familiarity.


Best careers for 2023

  1.  Information System Manager
    Information systems managers can make $102,690 per year. Being an IS manager requires having years of experience at least for larger companies. They tend to require when hiring IS managers to have their candidates to have had their position for 5 years or more and at least 15 years experience in the IT industry.
  2. Nurse Practitioner
    Nurse Practitioners make on average $122,000. The profession of being a nurse practitioner is believed to be one of the fastest growing fields and is in high demand. One of the reasons for this is that people worldwide are living longer. With that elderly people require proper medical attention to have the best quality of life. It is projected that by 2030 1 out of 6 people will be 60 or older.
  3. Software Engineer
    A software engineer base salary is $116,000. Software engineers develop computer programs. It is such a wide field and one that has several specialized areas. For example app development, computer games, web interface design, and ecommerce based platforms. With that in mind, having experience in more than one field as a software engineer grants a great advantage when applying for a position.
  4. Project Management
    The average salary for a project manager ranges from $81,000 to $100,000. 90% of most organizations have a management office. Project managers are extremely important to the core productivity of businesses. This lends itself to an early portion of this blog where it is stated that acquiring management skills and experience is important when looking to move up the corporate ladder. There are several online courses to add technical skills to that as well. It is common to see software such as Excel, Trello, Microsoft Project, and Basecamp used for project management.
  5.  Information Security Analyst
    The salary for an information security analyst ranges from $70,000 to $120,000. Having experience in this field affects the salary. However you can increase your base salary by acquiring certifications. An information security analyst helps with making aware of any threats within a company’s computer network. Securing important information and blocking potential hackers is the most important job requirement for this position.
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