Customer testimonials are very important for businesses. It is a valuable tool to gain the trust of new potential customers. This is a way to showcase the positive experiences of your current customers in order to give the new potential customers insight and build trust. From this a high level of confidence is generated. It is very common for people to look towards testimonials before trying a service or product.

Types of Testimonials

Service Testimonial
Service testimonials have a lot in common with product testimonials. Service testimonials go more into what the customer experienced. This description highlights a more personable way of conveying dependability and performance.

Case Study Testimonial
A case study testimonial goes into much more detail and even shows a comparison of data of a group of people that either bought a product or used a service. This can also hold the attention of potential new investors if the company is looking to expand.

Direct Quote Testimonial
A direct quote testimonial is great for a product with a clear and simple function. In most cases it doesn’t require a high level of investment and they sell at a high volume. The quote is adjusted to what is ideal to complete the sale. In most cases this is possible with low overhead.

Problem Resolution Testimonial
In some cases a problem testimonial can be good to show a company’s willingness to keep the customer happy. In some ways it relates to the case study but focuses on the  problem the customer needs help solving rather than their general experience. The problem resolution testimonial benefits companies with a simple service or product. This is because when solving a problem for a customer it helps if everything is streamlined for time efficiency.

Video Testimonial
A video testimonial is an extremely effective way to gain confidence for new potential customers. According to Wyzow, 47% of people that view these types of testimonials all agree that seeing the process of using the product or seeing a customer state their opinion can be the deciding factor in becoming a new customer. A video testimonial will give your customers not only a way to share their experiences but also express how satisfied they are.

Third-Party Testimonial
Many testimonials can be very effective when wanting to reach a wider audience. This type of testimonial in most cases will include a link to your own website. It allows the reader to be first inspired from the promotional material on the 3rd party site. Then from that it is only natural to be curious and press the link provided for your website.

Influencer Testimonial
With the ever expanding social media experience it can be a great asset for companies wanting to grow their business. Using the help of social media influencers a company can reach a variety of demographics. Influencers have a range of the amount of people they can reach. For example:

  • Micro-influencers: 10,000–50,000 followers
  • Mid-tier influencers: 50,000–500,000 followers
  • Macro-influencers: 500,000–1,000,000 followers
  • Mega-influencers: 1,000,000+ followers

Influencer testimonials with a vast following like these even in the lowest tier, is a great way to grow as a business. In the ever changing market this is an excellent way to stand above the crowd.

Press Testimonial
A press testimonial is related to influencer testimonial. They in fact complement each other. The influencer testimonials will reach a wide audience. In most cases a hashtag is created to help share the content. When press testimonials are generated it has keywords that flow alongside the influencer’s hashtags through google. Not only that but press testimonials add a level of credibility as well.

7 Testimonial Statistics

  1. 88% of consumers are shown to trust online testimonials and reviews. In this case they trust it as much as the opinion from friends and family. (Big Commerce).
  2. 88% of customers say the reviews they see online will help them decide when to buy a product or service. (Vendasta)
  3. 92% of consumers will read or view online testimonials when deciding if they want to make a purchase. (Vendasta)
  4. 97% of B2B customers consider testimonials and recommendations from their trusted inner circle to be equal in trustworthiness. (snappa)
  5. 90% of those who read positive customer experiences in testimonials say that it influenced them when purchasing. (wyzowl)
  6. When utilizing customer testimonials on a consistent basis it will generate 62% more revenue (Big Commerce)
  7. 79% of customers that have watched a video testimonial have said they gained more knowledge about a company and trusted the product more. (Wyzow)

With all is in mind it is clear testimonials of any kind will help a business grow and elevate the confidence of its customers.

If you are a company looking to fill professional job positions or if you are someone that is looking to be hired for a professional job here is our testimonial page. There you will see some of the success stories.