The recruitment industry that includes the staffing is quite larger than it seems. Staffing companies and recruitment agencies are offering a wide range of employment related services. Staffing companies in the United States are hiring more than 11 million temporary and contract employees during a course of a year and these temporary employees work in virtually all occupations in across all sectors. According to the American Staffing Association, percentage of temporary workers or employees during the year – 2013, consisted of 37% in industrial positions, 28% in office/administrative positions, 13% in professional/managerial positions, 13% in technical (including information technology, scientific positions), and 9% in health care position.

Staffing agencies as such are helping in employment generation and companies are benefiting by getting talented and bright candidates as their employees or workers. The need for hiring the services of staffing agencies arises because often companies need to fill a position on short notice and for a short period of time that may be for a day or for several months. Rather than having their HR departments spending weeks or even months in recruiting and interviewing candidate, a staffing company or firm has expertise in providing qualified employee at the job site of their client company within just a couple of days at a lower costs.

In addition, hiring a new employee is very time consuming and expensive and for companies that are struggling with shoe string budgets and a need to have a quicker growth, hiring the services of a staffing agency is a big deal that can help the company in getting skilled expertise in the form of employees. Staffing agencies have a wide network of candidates and experienced recruiters. There are higher chances that the staffing agency may have a readily available candidate with the exact skill sets that the client company desires to have. Moreover, a well-established staffing agency has a broad network of staffing specialists with specific industry knowledge that can help the concerned organization in finding the top talent before its competitors hires them.

There exist specialized staffing agencies that have expertise in offering more targeted high quality candidates than by generalist staffing firms. It is important for organizations to check on the reputation of a staffing firm before hiring their services. To get the best candidate, organizations need to hire the services of that staffing firm that has been in staffing business for over a long time and has developed rapport and goodwill in their specific industry or sectors.