Does a increasing population influence the job market

It’s true the increasing population in the US is affecting the job market. Some of the top states with the highest population growth are Florida, Texas, Colorado, Georgia, and South Carolina. The fastest growing state is California with a population of 39,029,342. As the population grows more people flood into the job market.

The competitive workforce
Overpopulation generates more competition in the job market. There are more people applying for the same job positions. This means a candidate has to maximize their overall appeal when seeking to be a new hire at companies. Ages 35 – 44 is the average in the working age population. This also leans to a high experience history of employment. Having more experienced applicants for a professional position creates challenges for those younger with less of a resume. However there are ways to improve for those with less experience.

Tips when applying for a professional position
With knowing the vastness of the workforce one must adapt and think outside of the box to stand out. Don’t let having less experience get in the way of getting the job you want. Think of what other areas you can improve your work profile.

Build on your education
If you don’t have enough experience perhaps you can add to your list of skills.

  •  Acquire new certifications
  •  Sign up for webinars
  • Stay up to date with industry blog sites
  • Join evening classes
  • Schedule zoom interviews to study more on the industry with an established professional.

Reading blogs on current job requirements will allow you to plan out areas you need to focus on. Then you can create a plan of action to be a force in your career field.

Networking within a highly populated industry
Success is obtained through many factors. Networking is a proven path to achieving your goals. Staying in contact with others in the industry will help you become better informed. Have a strong online business profile on LinkedIn. Keeping it updated is important as well as LinkedIn is industry standard. There are several ways to network. You can attend job fairs as well. There you should have business cards handy to leave with others of influence. Maximize your time. When you have free time go online and join Facebook groups for those in your field. This is a great way to utilize the high population to your advantage. The more people there are, the more information in your career field flows.

Simple ways to prepare for an interview
In the highly populated job market there are ways to still stand out from all the other candidates. One way is to ensure you are prepared for your interview.

  • Study the company in which you are applying for.
  •  Rehearse answering questions about what you can offer the company.
  • Find someone to role play with as the interviewer.
  • Have the interviewer you are practicing with ask questions in random order for a
    more realistic effect.

With all of this in mind, use all the available tools to get your name out there. You could be discovered and reach an even higher level of success.