Staffing service firms or agencies are playing a pivotal role in  getting people to be engaged in jobs irrespective of the type of employment options such as temporary, permanent, contract to hire etc. Statistics do reveal that in the United States alone there are about 2.9 million workers working in the month of September-2014. However, it is not just about the industry engagement of temporary workers that has provided them with employment but also many of the staffing service firms or agencies have created jobs and placed millions of people in them.

It is quite difficult in finding jobs in an economy that is faced with Great Recession and in these challenged situations, the staffing agencies have experimented with varied staffing tools, came up, and are still coming up with new and innovative solutions. The work force of the present generation is divided into numerous classifications that are quite often hard to keep up. The staffing service providers are keeping their clients abreast with all of the ever-evolving sources of talent, non-traditional work arrangements and creating platforms from online staffing to dispensing payroll services that have helped the employees as well as the employers.

Even though staffing firms reported that, the number of job openings has picked up but placements fell. Recruiters are following the trend of replacing the permanent, lower skilled employees with temporary workers due to the shortages in selected labor skills, upward pressure in wages especially being felt by general building contractors and freight haulers. There is a stronger demand of workers for customer service, healthcare and legal workers. However, in few locations within America there were no notable changes in hiring even though there is a demand for managers, supervisors, IT professionals and engineers.

Some of the staffing firms have to increase wages because candidates were often receiving multiple offers and therefore these firms are facing stiff competition. Staffing firms have also noticed that the demand for consumer services has increased moderately and in some areas, there is demand for legal services due to rising real estate activity.