What executive search consultant firms are.
Executive search consultants are specialized at finding high-level candidates to fill professional positions within companies. There is a detailed vetting process to help place the right candidate.

What is executive search vs recruitment?
Recruiting agencies attempt to fill a large volume of applications. From the time constraint they spend a small amount of time with each applicant. Their focus is to acquire applicants that meet the minimum requirements for positions. The approach for executive search companies are completely different. Executive search firms are looking for a specific person to fill a professional position. Thus truly hiring the most qualified person for the job.

What is the executive search process?
The search consultant interviews the highest level of candidates in an in-depth interview that looks further into the candidate’s experience and skill set. The executive search consultant compares the candidate’s career experience with what the position is asking for.

The reason companies hire executive search firms?
Executive search firms have a detailed vetting process when finding the best candidates. It’s a well oiled machine. Everyone in the vetting process has a role in filtering and evaluating the candidates. The executive search team pays close attention to detail and what the job description is asking for. Only the best fit will fill that position. Finding the highest level candidates is key and the main driving force of the executive search consultant.

What are some of the benefits of executive search?

  • A thorough screening process for all the candidates.
  • Executive search firms have a high standard for each applicant to meet.
  • A complete listing of candidates and their qualifications.
  • A commitment to both the hiring company and the candidates.
  • Having a great flow of communication with the client within the vetting process.
  • Hiring an executive search firm allows a seamless workflow, is time efficient, and saves money