The role of staffing agencies on small business enterprises

Staffing agencies are now an important part of recruitment process not only for large-scale business enterprises or for Multinational Corporations but are also playing an important role in the providing qualified and qualitative personnel to small and medium sized business enterprises. Staffing agencies are helping and assisting small businesses in hiring the right talent and are acting as an extension of their existing human resources department. Now small businesses are outsourcing their hiring practices to staffing agencies thereby boosting their productivity and goodwill within their respective business sectors. By hiring the services of staffing agencies, small businesses are able to keep constant tabs on their staffing needs and the critical positions that need to be filled up.

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Challenges faced by employment agencies in United States

Employment agencies are providing recruiting, staffing and human resource functions to employers and candidates for decades. However, in recent times new recruiting trends are emerging due to advancement in the Information Technology and their related fields. The emergence of social media is also changing the landscape for hiring manager and the Human Resource (HR) departments of the organizations the world over. The traditional employment agencies have been effected by the financial crisis of late 2000’s that is considered by majority of economists to be the worst ever since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

There emerged significant work changes and as per the estimates of the United States Department of Labor, the recruiting industry will increase by more than 50% by 2014. There has been an increase in the skilled professionals searching job listings by using job search engines and recruitment websites and other top job sites to find a new career opportunity and to post their resumes. Even though, this trend has changed the dynamics of the recruiting industry, the traditional brick and mortar employment agencies are still a major resource for companies that need to locate for top talent in their specific fields or discipline within their business sectors.

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Social Media Effects on Recruiting

Social Media has varied definitions but in a common perspective social media can be defined as a means of social interaction through the web by using all or any one of the internet based applications that allows the creation and exchange of user generated content. The content is then shared among the individuals in the course of online social interaction. Therefore, the importance of social media has grown enormously with the penetration of internet usage among the masses both in developed and developing economies. The effect of social media is being felt on a number of industries.Nevertheless, it is quite surprising how speedily the social media through various social networking websites has made in roads into the havens of recruitment or recruiting processes.

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