Staffing is an important ingredient for the success of any business.  Corporates across diverse fields need to manage their staffing requirements in a prudent and cost effective manner. While it is essential to have a committed and permanent staff for the business to be successful, it is equally important for the management  to analyze the cost benefit advantages of hiring such resources. In many situations, short term staffing can provide efficient and economical solutions to the organizations due to the inherent advantages of hiring short term resources.

The benefits of short term staffing services are well known in the corporate sector.  Short term staffing,  is highly essential for any organization, especially when they have a crucial phase of fulfilling a project.  They may require an extra assistance for a shorter duration to complete larger projects.  When the workload is acute, leading to pressure on the existing workload, the solution may  lie in hiring short term staff to execute the work load.  Ample benefits using short term staff are found to be compelling for the organizations to look for temporary or short term staff.

The overall benefits of taking the short term staff route are quite impressive,. The temporary staffing solutions provide essential support to the organizations equipping them to produce optimum results with a lesser financial commitment to the staffing portfolio.  The compelling and burdensome statutory facilities towards staff can be transferred to the contract staffing services.

Increased productivity is the major advantage for the clients.  Providing right stuff, at the right time for the fixed period is the core requirement of temporary staffing.  Whether it is for IT staffing firm or general staffing, the basic principles of staffing remain same.  A wide candidate database assists screening and instant solution to clients in need of the requisite employment.  Organizations save huge inventory by hiring temporary staff.

However, the staffing agency faces different constraints concerned with short term and long term solutions.  While short term staffing may last for a few days to a few weeks, long term staffing may go beyond three years.  The intricate issues involved in the long term hiring will be managed as per the agreement drawn by the staffing services firm and clients.  When the employments goes beyond six weeks, then it is considered as a long term employment.

Under specific conditions if employers wish to retain the services, they can extend the contract period or they can hire temporary employees for permanent employment.  In many cases the period of employment can be extended to longer periods.  The employment agency works in compliance with the state government’s employment rules and regulations.  Therefore, the agency considers the rules applicable for short term employment and long term employment.  Since the rights of the employees are always paramount, the agency providing such staff will take extra care to toe the regulations which in turn are beneficial to the short term staff.

Direct hire services are another important and specific services provided by an employment agency.  The replacement of full time employment has its own constraints, since they had to be trained by expert team members to handle the responsibilities.  The pros and cons of the permanent employment should be considered and it should be weighed well before hiring.

Contract Staffing solutions provide suitable remedies for all types of requirements posed by the company’s management.  While temporary jobs assists in building the void created when there is a heavy load, permanent jobs to fulfill long term requirements.  The short term employment  alternative can be used to fill the empty positions, created due to the illness, maternity leaves, disability due to accidents, sudden departure, and in vacation and other situations.

The full time employees are quite efficient and they are fully trained to handle tough and critical situations efficiently and they prove to be highly beneficial in the long run.   While there is no ready made solution for the varied staffing requirements of corporates, it would depend on the management to weigh the imperatives of long term and short term staffing solutions to cater to their need before going ahead with the staffing function.