Business organizations of this decade are facing tough competition not only from their local competitors but also global ones. With the online technologies growing rapidly, the whole world has become a global village with a huge number of entrepreneurs competing for a market pie to move their businesses forward. In the dog eats dog business world, enterprises are working hard to attract new business, reduce costs and become a market leader. The small and medium sized business enterprises are feeling the heat of competition and to beat the heat they require talented employees or workers who can help them in carrying out their day to day business activities.

However, the small business owners neither have time nor expertise in interviewing and recruiting top talent and in addition they are not well versed in managing the staffing needs. Others may have HR teams or even handle the staffing functions themselves without dedicated HR staff. Therefore, to face these staffing challenges the small business owners are hiring the services of staffing agencies or firms.  According to the American Staffing Association or ASA there are more than 17,000 staffing companies or recruiting companies/firms in United States that altogether operate from around 35,000 offices. According to ASA, these staffing companies or firms are offering a wide range of employment related services the majority of which include –

  • Temporary and Contract Staffing
  • Recruitment and permanent placement
  • Outsourcing and outplacement
  • Human resource consulting

Small business enterprises can benefit from hiring the temporary workers or employees with the help of staffing agencies in the following ways mentioned herein.

Getting more time to focus on core business – Staffing agencies have a pool of qualified and screened candidates for various job positions that helps in cutting down the cost of downtime and additional burden on the other employees of their client organizations. The concerned staffing agency would send their client one to two qualified resumes that have already been screened thereby saving the time of the company in screening the whole bunch of resumes for selecting the right candidate.

Seasonal help – Some businesses or enterprises do have peak or seasonal time when they require more staff or in other times where they need to reduce the staff. In such cases, a temporary staffing firm can provide staffing solutions during the peak as well as dormant times of business.

Motivated employees – The temporary or contract workers or employees are quite motivated as they have the confidence of doing the job for each company they work for and that could help in bringing the much needed boost to the existing staff morale. Bringing in temp employees or workers also helps in motivating permanent employees as the former takes away the burden of the latter and shows that management do understand the need to staff up when busy.