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Staffing Services

Direct Hire Staffing

In today’s competitive markets, having the right team is crucial for any business. However, recruitment is becoming a more intensive, time consuming process as a result. Talent Logic’s direct hire service leverages the vast knowledge and experience of our team to identify and understand your needs. We quickly find the right individuals who have the talent and outlook to match your own, delivering fast, effective outcomes for any recruitment need you may have.

Contract Hire Staffing

To remain competitive, your business needs to be lean and agile, able to rapidly adapt to emerging challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. To accomplish that, a flexible approach to recruitment is needed, identifying the right talent for specific projects or initiatives as required.

Our contract hire staffing solution provides flexible recruitment to suit any situation, covering both long- and short-term requirements through our extensive database of skilled contract workers. With exceptional candidates, cost-effective rates and fast response times, we are here for your immediate resource needs on any project, with no employment related costs.


Talent Logic offers personalized hiring solutions to meet your staffing needs, deadlines and budget. Partner with us and our industry experts will take care of the time-consuming process of finding the right person for any position. Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in recruitment for any industry, while recognizing your unique needs to identify candidates who fit your skill requirements, culture and outlook.

More than a recruitment agency, we are your partner and advocate in a highly competitive employment market. Our team is committed to finding the ideal candidate for your needs and we are happy to alleviate the stress of recruitment. With our tailored solutions, you are always in control.