The corporate world is increasingly catching on the merit of employing resources at the right moment in the right proportion to meet their targets – be it in the fields of production,sales or development.  Contract Staffing agencies are honing their skills in catering to this type of niche recruitment to provide the cutting edge to their clients. Just in time staffing is a relatively new concept which has caught the imagination of both the corporate and the employment agencies. Just as the name suggests, this new kid on the block emphasizes the fact that supply of resources can be as efficient managed as any other ingredients of production.  The methodology provides for the convenience of having candidates at the appropriate time. This cuts down on the idle labor cost to a very large extent. It also facilitates to have candidates-at-call.

Contract Staffing Services help in increasing their clients’ workforce flexibility. This augurs well for the clients as they are constantly driven by competition to limit avoidable overheads to the minimum. Corporate can fine tune their requirement of manpower resources in accordance to the fluctuations in product demand or to counter the absenteeism of regular resources.

Secondly, just in time staffing liberates the management from the rigors of record keeping of resources. The preliminary screening  iscarried out by the IT staffing firm, andsuch resources can be ably handled by employment agencies at a minimum cost and burden of the corporate.   Staffing agency is placed relatively in a more advantageous position Vis a viz the corporate when it comes to the abilities of screening candidates and identifying potential personnel. It relieves the Human Resources department of the organizations from the cumbersome process of selection of candidates. Such on-call workers can be easily integrated into the work pattern as they do not need to be trained all over again. Organizations can breathe easy as appropriately trained workforce is literally available on demand, without going through the bother of the lengthy recruitment procedures when they hire staffing services.

Thirdly, corporates can also do away with the legal hassle of providing medical insurance and other allied facilities to just in time staffing resources. While it is obligatory for the corporates to extend such facilities to their permanent resources , just in staffing does not impose such obligations on corporates. They being contracted for work,   the on-call workforce do not qualify to be a permanent resource of the organization. While this may benefit the corporates to a large extent, it is a fallacy to argue that it is a blow to such a workforce.  In fact, just in time staffing is a win-win situation for both the employers as well as the employed workforce. The personnel too get employment at short notice and need not be wary of long spells of unemployment. This is more so in case of seasonal workforce who may have to constantly look for new avenues of earning.

Employers use just in staffing arrangements to tap specially skilled workers to be competitive in the rapidly changing technology environment.  Specialized knowledge sought by corporates is made available by staffing agencies at a fraction of effort and cost to the corporate.  Another significant feature such as direct hiring service enables organizations hire skilled employees whenever they wish to employ.