Job title : Project Manager

Job Number : 89398
Division : Engineering

Job Description:

Effectively manages and coordinates all aspects of assigned projects from point of sale to completion of project.

* Customer satisfaction via proper communication, mutual understanding of expectations, quality product and timely delivery.
* Communicate effectively.
* Demonstrate and utilize proper communication methods as required: written, verbal, graphic, in person, etc.
* Listen – to customers, team members and contractors. Solicit and recognize needs, expectations and requirements.
* Respond – update – follow up – confirm.
* Document everything. Distribute or record as required.
* Record meeting minutes and distributes.
* Thoroughly review, understand and ensure all specific project requirements are met.
* Review scope of work, contract documents, sold estimate and design drawings, (in conjunction with the sales representative and estimator), for completeness and uniformity.
* Confirm scope of work with customer / contractor directly after point of sale (kick-off).
* Review material requirements, testing requirements and project complexity.
* Initiate, submit and track customer change orders.
* Identify legitimate contract change orders.
* Provide prompt notification to contractor of possible or actual change.
* Prepare a change order estimate in a timely manner. Coordinate/schedule with estimating as needed.
* Submit and track change order with contractors, ensuring timely execution and return.
* Effectively lead specific project teams
* Schedule, plan and conduct team meetings as required.
* Provide specific agendas and follow-up meeting minutes.
* Track and distribute pertinent information to team members.
* Understand and react promptly to the individual team members needs and requirements to succeed.
* Ensure all team members have been provided with and understand the project requirements.
* Effectively delegate appropriate tasks and assignments to Project Coordinators and Project Assistants.
* Always maintain professionalism and project a positive attitude with all team members.
* Develop and maintain a comprehensive schedule and plan for each specific project.
* Create specific project schedule at initial kick-off meeting based on customer requirements and material requirements/availability.
* Schedule all resources and functions (Client and Sub-contracted) required to complete scope of work.
* Review current resources, industry shortages, restrictions and availability to identify and mitigate possible schedule delays.
* Maintain schedules with up to date information – continuous schedule.
* Distribute schedules to team members (sub-contractors) promptly (continuous).
* Attends weekly design scheduling meeting and production scheduling meeting and is prepared to report on specific project progress.
* Complete buy-out of project specific materials within budget.
* Review complete project budget for accuracy.
* Coordinate with purchasing agents regarding vendor quotes, delivery requirements and pricing negotiations. Solicit additional quotes as required.
* Direct contract of outside detailing, engineering, fabrication, misc. metals, open-web and specialty items.
* Manage (optimize) specific project budgets.
* Review and update estimated costs and budget adjustments
* Provide forecast of anticipated revenue.
* Coordinate customer billings with accounting.
* Understand and consistently completes, updates and distributes department specific forms and documentation. To include but limited to.
* FabTrol Set-up.
* Change Orders.
* Transmittals (FabTrol).
* RFI (Client standard or contractor specific).
* Estimate to complete – Job cost report.
* Schedule worksheet and updates.
* Meeting agendas and minutes.
* Review specific project designs and detailing.
* Review all Client design and detailing submittals, periodically, prior to approval, upon receipt of approval and prior to final release.
* Design review should include at the minimum: Customer names & titles; general design parameters, special conditions, connection details, ensure appropriate details are cut, clarity and completeness.
* PM approval review and check review should be a scheduled function.
* Interact and coordinate effectively with outside entities.
* Interface professionally with customers.
* Coordinate effectively with outside design agents (architect / engineers).
* Coordinate effectively with field entities (erectors, superintendents, related trades).
* Perform jobsite visits as required for coordination and review of non-conformance issues.
* Demonstrate effective problem solving skills and initiative always with the customers best interests in mind.
* Schedule, manage and track required submittals and return of submittals.
* Schedule and review all outgoing document submittals(to include RFI’s).
* Communicate requirements of return submittals with appropriate parties.
* Track all outgoing submittals and take appropriate actions for overdue submittals (notices, schedule adjustments, etc.).
* Distribute returned submittals to appropriate team members.
* Manage back charge disposition.
* Promptly review contractor back charges and take appropriate action.
* Request additional back-up, time cards, photographs as required.
* Request additional time for research if required.
* Approve, reject or negotiate fairly.
* Track and report quality and cost non-conformances.
* Document and report non-conformances to the quality manager.
* Track and document substantial cost overruns.
* Provide timely, comprehensive close-outs of specific projects.

5 to 10 years experience in commercial construction industry.
Accounting Experience - one-year experience.
Proven track record with quality assurance.
Materials procurement - one-year experience.
Estimating experience – one year experience.
Project Scheduling - one-year experience.

Or any equivalent combination of education, experience and training that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Posses good grammar and mathematical skills
Excellent communication skills; written and verbal.
Ability to develop and maintain outstanding client relations
Ability to read and understand blueprints and specifications
Ability to review, analyze and prepare cost reports
Negotiation skills
Some knowledge of codes (i.e. UBC, ADA, IBC, etc.)
Computer skills – Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc.
Good documentation skills
Willingness to travel for job site visits nation-wide
Knowledgeable of materials, there application and industry standards.
Ability to multi-task, think ahead, prioritize and work without direct supervision.

Work involves walking, verbal communication, listening, using hands to handle, feel or operate objects, tools, or controls. Also includes driving and traveling via airplane. The employee may be required to sit or stand for extended periods of time. The employee may be required to navigate construction jobsites; climb stairs, traverse uneven terrain and inspect elevated areas. The employee may be required to push, pull or lift objects up to 30 pounds.