Job title : Engineer and Designer

Job Number : 88587
Division : Engineering

Job Description:

Performs work as an Engineer and/or Designer involving the application of all conventional aspects of electrical or mechanical engineering to the functional area of the assignment.
* Exercises judgment in the independent evaluation, selection and substantial adaptation and modification of standard techniques, procedures, and criteria.
* Conceptualizes the initial electrical or mechanical design approach for all project types and has overall responsibility for the electrical or mechanical engineering work.
* Knowledgeable in consulting and construction practices to include plan/specifications, design/build and construction manager roles and responsibilities.
* Plans, schedules, conducts or coordinates electrical or mechanical engineering work.
* Supervises the design and ongoing progress of a project, including the coordination of the project with City, State, and County officials, and other outside agencies.
* Resolves a variety of complex problems, (i.e. conflicting design requirements, unsuitability of conventional materials, difficult coordination requirements).
* Serves as liaison between clients and agencies, subcontractors, and design teams.
* Reviews plans, prepares technical specifications, contract documents, and estimates. Also participates in contract bidding/administration; observes project construction on site.

Will be required to perform other duties as requested, directed or assigned.