Job title : Mechanical Engineer

Job Number : 87841
Division : Engineering

Job Description:

* Design and documentation of industrial desiccant dehumidification/air handling systems and the associated equipment such as; refrigeration equipment/specialties, gas/electric/steam heating systems, ductwork, and air-flow systems
* Specification and requisition of purchased materials for the construction of above described equipment
* Includes contact with suppliers and customers * Assist in the development and implementation of productivity improvements and cost reduction efforts
* Design, development, and implementation of departmental standards and practices
* Development of standardized sub-systems
* Support of manufacturing, product test, field installations, and service support as required
* Assist in the development of new products

* BS degree in Mechanical Engineering
* Minimum 5 years’ experience at providing design, documentation, and support of desiccant dehumidification systems to customers in the food and beverage, cold storage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other manufacturing industries
* Thorough knowledge and experience with SolidWorks 3D CAD software
* Ability to interpret customer and national specifications/standards as they pertain to dehumidification and associated systems
* Mechanical and design calculations for dehumidification and air handling systems
* Capable of selecting and specifying all system components such as; compressors, evaporator and condenser coils, fans, motors, pumps, valves, etc.
* Thorough understanding of Psychometrics
* Ability to thrive in a team based, goal oriented environment
* Effective verbal and written communication skills with all levels of management, suppliers, and customers
* Excellent problem solving and root cause analysis skills