Job title : Project Manager

Job Number : 87840
Division : Engineering

Job Description:

Primary Responsibility: Subject to Client policies, procedures and standards of business practice, Project Managers exercise overall management responsibility and authority for the completion of assigned projects on time, under budget and in complete conformance with client plans, specifications and other contract documents. Secondary responsibility: Project Managers participate in sales presentations, prepare or assist in the preparation of project estimates, schedules, and value engineering proposals and complete or participate in such other pre-bid activities as may be required by the President.

1. Performs pre-bid review of plans, specifications and other contract documents for all potential project assignments. Advises the Chief Estimator of any special cost, schedule, or quality considerations for inclusion in project proposals.
2. Attends pre-bid meetings and maintains communication with to the Chief Estimator as is necessary to ensure the accuracy of contract bids.
3. Subject to availability, assists the project estimator in the preparation of such cost estimates, schedules, proposals and other bid documents as may be required to obtain additional projects.
4. Attends pre-bid management reviews as required.
5. Assists the Project Estimator with responses to all pre-contract award inquiries.
6. Performs a comparative review of inquiry and proposed contract drawings, specifications and other contract documents prior to Contract acceptance.
7. Establishes Contract and Project Files in accordance with Client Guidelines.
8. Establishes a detailed project schedule and budget in accordance with Client standard formats, negotiates project costs changes as required with the Chief Estimator and the President and obtains written approval of cost objectives from the President prior to beginning execution of the project.
9. Initiates the Job Cost Report in accordance with Client Standards and Procedures.
10. Prepares a Project Schedule of Values for review and approval by the client.
11. Schedules and conducts a Job kick-off Meeting with the Client, Architect and other appropriate Client Personnel.
12. Develops, submits and negotiates the acceptance of profit improvement Value Engineering Proposals as required.
13. Negotiates and executes subcontracts in accordance with the Client Standard Subcontract Agreement.
14. Provides Project Administrators with reports, approval of subcontract agreements, purchase orders and other documentation as necessary to verify conformance of deliveries.
15. Supervises all Client job site personnel to assure conformance with Client standards of performance, decorum and customer service.
16. Proactively expedites the Owner, Architect, Inspectors, Client Employees, Vendors and Subcontractors as necessary to achieve on time, under budget, and project completion.
17. Maintains Client requirements for job site safety, security, storage and cleanliness.
18. Creates and maintains a Project Specification and Daily Log containing a.) a description of all significant events including conflicts with project employees, subcontractors, owners, architects, inspectors and others, conflict resolutions and Owner/Architect directives. b.) a schedule of all RFIs, CCDs , Requests for Change Orders, Approved Change Orders, c.) all Project Schedules submitted to the Owner or architect and d.) Project Safety Requirements, O&M Specifications and other information as may be required by the Owner, Architect or Client.
19. Proactively identifies contract deviations required by the Owner, Architect or project circumstances outside the contractual responsibility of Client and negotiates appropriate change orders which are maximally advantageous to Client.
20. Monitors all subcontracts and Client Self Performed Work to assure complete conformance with project plans, specifications and contract documents.
21. Establishes Subcontractor Progress Payments and submits Client Progress Payment Requests to the Owner/Architect for approval.
22. Approves all Subcontractors and other vendor invoices prior to payment.
23. Reports project schedule and budget status including planned remedies for any deviations therefrom during the Client Weekly Operations Meeting.
24. Prepares and executes a Client Punch List prior to the Owner/Architect Walk Through.
25. Expedites conduct of the Final Walk Through and the receipt and confirmed completion of the Owner/Architect Punch List.
26. Expedites the provision of all Owner/Architect required documentation.
27. Expedites the receipt of final payment.

* High School Diploma or GED equivalent plus at least 10 years of successful experience as a Project Manager in commercial construction or an undergraduate degree in engineering or construction management with at least 5 years supervisory experience.
* Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, be proficient in the use of Microsoft Word, Project and Excel and have extensive knowledge of construction industry processes, standards and specifications. Must present a professional appearance.
* OSHA30 certified or have the ability to obtain CONTRIBUTION TO PROFIT Project Managers are the key profit producers in Client. Contributions to Client profit include; completing assigned projects on time and within budget; assuring that the company is profitably compensated for all necessary project changes; proposing and executing profitable value engineering initiatives; protecting the Company’s significant investment in valuable Customer and Subcontractor relationships through provision of recognizably exceptional customer service.

List any subjective non-measurable expectations.

Project Manager performance is primarily measured by his or her profit contribution to Client (See Client Project Profit Model). Other performance measures include, proactive conformance with Client administrative and reporting requirements, maintenance of superior customer relationships and Client standards for quality and customer service as determined by Client Satisfaction Surveys and the completion of assigned projects without dispute.

May be exposed to heat, cold, fumes, fluorescent and other types of lighting, sterile areas and loud noises