Job title : Quality Inspector

Job Number : 86272
Division : Engineering

Job Description:

The purpose of this position is to ensure a product that meets or exceeds the customer expectations as well as minimizes back charges.

* Check Welds
* Verify all layouts and fit ups
* Check lay downs and splices
* Check surfaces prepared for paint
* Check paint quality
* All aspects of Nin Destructive Testing
* Make sure work matches drawings
* Maintain quality records

Secondary Duties and Responsibilities:
* Assist employees with any problems
* Ensuring everyone follows proper safety standards

Cooperative and shared Responsibilities:
* Work with TX DOT regarding final product
* Cooperate with everyone in the shop to ensure a quality product is created

* Computer skills
* Certified welding
* Ability to read blue prints
* Mathematical ability
* Candidate must be able to get CWI certified within a year.