Job title : Pilot in Command

Job Number : 86271
Division : Engineering

Job Description:

Purpose of the job:
Shall serve as Pilot in Command (PIC) on SA227 (or other as assigned) aircraft based at North Island Naval Air Station.
List of Duties:
1.Reports to the Chief Pilot with administrative report to the Site Manager
2.Operate the aircraft in accordance with company procedures
3.Receive local weather and ATC clearance to prepare the cockpit in accordance with standard operating procedures
4.Remain on call during assigned period and must have the ability to arrive at the assigned aircraft within 30 minutes
5.Monitors and assists in loading of passengers and cargo in accordance with FAA and Client policies
6.Administers passenger briefings in accordance with FAA and Client policies
7.Prepares weight and balance calculations and completes load manifest in accordance with Client policies
8.Must successfully complete all company initial and recurrent training and testing as directed by the training department
9.Assist in loading and unloading of aircraft during minimal ground personnel operations.
10.Other duties as assigned by the Site Manager or Chief Pilot

Experience and Skills:
Minimum years of experience necessary to perform essential functions of the job:
6 months to 1 year
Minimum education level to perform essential functions of the job:
High School

(Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Education, Licenses, & Certifications)
* FAA Commercial Pilot with Multi Engine Instrument privileges
* 2250 Hours Total Flight Time (may be waived by the Director of Operations or Chief Pilot)
* 500 Hours Total Multi Engine Flight Time
* Current US Passport with at least 6 months remaining at all times during employment period
* Current FAA Class I Medical
* Must hold or be able to obtain a current and valid FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit (RR)
* Strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills

* FAA Multi Engine Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
* 3000 Hours Total Flight Time
* 1000 Hours Multi Engine

* Ability to work in confined spaces
* Ability to manipulate, push, pull, and lift heavy objects more than 50 lbs.
* Must be able to reach and stretch across objects and twist within confined spaces
* Ability to work in extreme temperatures, including cold and heat
* Ability to work in altitudes higher than sea level