Job title : Quality Assurance Manager

Job Number : 82521
Division : Engineering

Job Description:

Supervise and administer the quality department & quality management systems in a manner which will to ensure product uniformity and quality levels which meet customer requirements and minimize off-quality product.

• Understand customer requirements/product attributes and associated product specifications to manage, design and implement quality management systems to meet product quality requirements and minimize off-quality product
• Responsible for 8 hourly testers in the QA lab, as related to safety, weekly scheduling and vacation management, training, testing protocol, SOP's ensuring customer satisfaction
• Establish quality specifications, test protocols, test SOP's based on Marketing specs, customer requirements, COA requirements
• Determine quality tests, test protocols and frequencies required to ensure customer satisfaction
• Ensure quality test equipment calibration and bench marking
• Provide training to hourly testers
• Benchmark product testing and product attributes against sister mills and against competitive grades
• Work closely with TCS, Operations, Technical Department regarding customer complaint resolution / implementation of corrective action
• Coordinate outside testing resources to assist in complaint resolution
• Interface continuously with Operations, TCS, marketing, technical, maintaining close working relationships regarding customer and off-quality issues
• Make quality dispositions decisions routinely
• Identify and implement process testing and control to enhance product quality/reduce off-quality
• Manage archival data bases for quality information, complaint history
• Support all grade development, trial initiatives, providing feedback on quality results
• Attend morning meetings and attend manager meetings when necessary
• Coordinate w/ TCS & attend periodic quality review meetings
• Identify / participate in / conduct product quality & off-quality improvement initiatives
• Analyze quality data / adjust operating quality targets accordingly to maintain product specifications, reduce off-quality
• Assist TCS with analysis of quality data and response to field issues
• Continuously strive to minimize product liability in the field
• Actively participate in counterpart meetings

• Bachelor’s degree in paper science, chemistry, chemical engineering or related field preferred.
• Three years or more of paper mill experience in paper and/or quality control or related areas.
• Demonstrated working knowledge of Microsoft applications.
• Demonstrated supervisory ability or any equivalent combination of education, training and experience.

• Understanding customer requirements / end uses of products, criteria for product success in the field
• Understanding customer priorities as related to quality attributes
• Understanding of offset printing, web and sheet, flexography, rotogravure
• Apply judgement for quality disposition relating to customer satisfaction & off-quality paper
• Proficiency in Proficy, Optivision, SAP, MS Excel, Add-in, Power Point, Minitab, MS Word
• Process knowledge of papermaking, wet end, coating, finishing, OM
• Relate origin of product defect to process step in the operation, able to suggest corrective action
• Ability to communicate well and interface well with others, hourly and salaried
• Statistical analysis of data and SPC techniques