Job title : Production Supervisor

Job Number : 82247
Division : Engineering

Job Description:

Job description;
Primary Function:
The essential function of this position is to lead a production line to attain the goals set forth for the shift.
This individual is responsible for a wide variety of duties including but not limited to this job description.
Non Negotiable Traits
To perform the job successfully, the incumbent’s behavior must be consistent with the five Non-Negotiable Traits expected of all Client employees: Be passionate; have absolute integrity; be self-motivated and determined; be a team player and behave as a professional. * *
Primary Responsibilities:
• Safety
• Quality
• Ensure production quality meets customer spec
• Perform master schedule
• Enforce company policies(no disciplinary action)
• Communicate issues to supervisor and area manager
• Communicate with hi-lo driver
• Incoming product
• Production materials (bags, clams, boxes, #2/#3 product, etc.)
• Ensure line is running efficiently
• Assign workers to line positions as per play sheet, rotate workers throughout shift
• Make sure workers are performing duties according to play sheet
• Drive workers to eliminate downtime
• Help motivate the line to reach reasonable expectations
• Communicate with supervisor to improve line performance
• Help admin perform changeover procedure
• Work on line – only to temporarily cover position if required
• Attend any necessary meetings
Working Conditions:
• Environment includes an expansive refrigerated warehouse, where the temperature averages 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The background noise approaches 70 dcbs.
• Capable of lifting at least 10lbs
• Position requires sitting, standing, walking and bending on a regular basis
• Must have manual dexterity to perform computer skills