Job title : Site Services Technician

Job Number : 81742
Division : Engineering

Job Description:

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES; (10 bullet points maximum)
o Must work effectively with outside contractors.
o Assists with the development and improvement of department procedures, documents, and operating and
maintenance procedures.
o Works and participates effectively in a team environment; within the department, with other departments and
with outside contractors.
o Requires supervision of outside contractors performing facility and equipment related services,
o Requires technician level operation of the MERP data base,
o Assist facility technicians with preventative maintenance and work order activities.
o Must perform custodial and site inspection tasks, including grounds, roofs, ceiling tiles, lighting, elevators and
fire suppression equipment,
o Other duties as assigned

A major part of the position will be performing building and site inspection tasks, escorting contractors, and the basic day to day operation tasks.

High school diploma