Job title : Manufacturing Engineer

Job Number : 81728
Division : Engineering

Job Description:

Job Description
At Client we are looking to add a Manufacturing Engineer to support continued growth. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Client continually improves to exceed customer expectations making this role critical.
As a Manufacturing Engineer, Client is looking for someone who is a comprehensive problem-solver with a collaborative style.
* Full Time; 1st shift
* Pay based on skills & experience
* Bachelors Degree in Engineering or a minimum of 4-5 years of experience in related field
* Passion for the industry and its growth
The Ideal Candidate Will
* Set, pursue and attain achievable goals, regardless of obstacles or circumstances
* Establish a process for activities that lead to the implementation of systems, procedures or outcomes; identify long range goals and design plans to attain them
* Identify and evaluate resources and plan for their utilization throughout the execution of comprehensive, long-range plans.
* Identify the system component that is causing the error, as well as the options available for resolving it and completing the task
* Meet schedules, deadlines, quotas, and performance goals.
* Readily modify, respond to and integrate change with minimal personal resistance
* Be responsible for the consequences of one’s own actions and decisions
* The ability to quickly recover from adversity; stay on course in times of difficulty; handle rejection on a personal level based on self-esteem
* The ability to interact with others in a positive manner; understand others objectively; connect with others on a personal level.
Primary Responsibilities
* Collaborate with customer Engineers
* Develop project plan
* Research new niche applications
* Conduct feasibility exercise (large opportunities)
* Identify capital expenditures and ROI in new opportunities
* Design tooling, design robust and capable processes
* Identify and acquire cutting tools
* Analyze jobs with sub-standard margins
* Redesign process cost savings
* Provide low margin job re-pricing to sales, maximize margins; extract cost
* Re-engineer key projects
* Hold one-on-ones with Supervisors
* Participate in EOS meetings
* Support department quality system
* Participate in personal and professional development
* Embrace our core values.