Job title : Robotics Programmer

Job Number : 79099
Division : Information Technology

Job Description:

Job Summary:
Robotics Programmer is responsible for programming, troubleshooting, debugging and preparation of robots to customer specifications. Creating programs and code from scratch, able to teach and train customers and clients as well as maintaining and updating as needed. Programmer will also integrate robot and client systems using PLC logic processors.
Robotics Programmer Responsibilities:
* Prepare robots to customer specifications.
* Develop robot structures.
* Provide technical support in developing and improving processes.
* Ability to improve cycle time and throughput by adjusting robot path or functions.
* Assist in the integration, start-up and debugging of plant floor equipment.
* Installation and configuration of appropriate hardware and software options.
* Ability to do simulation and path generations.
* Travel required.
* Training available.
* Kawasaki, Kuka, Allen Bradley experience preferred.

Robotic Programmer Skills:
* Excellent PC and programming skills.
* Self starter.
* Ability to work independently and in team environment.
* Must be high energy and able to work in a fast paced environment
* Must have BS is Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Computer Science.