Hiring a new employee can be a burdensome process, it all depends on what your professional needs and requirements are, and the level of experience that you want in a potential employee. The most important question before making a decision is to ask yourself which is better, contract or direct hire?

When it comes to an employer or an applicant, both of these types of hire can be great options, but for completely different reasons.

Contract Hire:

Contract hires allow companies to “test the waters” to try out an applicant’s overall performance for a certain amount of time. This type of hire is perfect for a company looking to hire a part-time applicant.

In the view of an employee, it’s a bit different from that of an employer regarding contract or direct hire. Most of the time, contract hire is ideal all around, because it promises work for an applicant. It also helps develop an applicant’s resume, experience and professional growth.
Contract hire also allows an individual the chance of building a relationship with a prospective employer. So if you’re looking to build your resume and you want a part-time position contract hire is the best fit.

Direct Hire:

Direct hire, on the other hand, is perfect for experienced professional and for applicants that meet all of the necessary skills and goals you require.

Unlike contract hire, this type of hire often gives more benefits and stability for an applicant. Therefore; for an applicant that wants to achieve long-term investment within a company direct hire is a perfect choice.

No matter what kind of employment you’re looking for as either an applicant or for a company, a staffing agency can help you with matching similar skills, viewpoints and overall requirements. Regardless, of whether you’re searching for talented professionals or looking for the next business opportunity for your career, a staffing agency can help.

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