Staffing industry as such has emerged as the most complex market when dealing with the IT clients. The importance of quality and services is on decline with price or cost factors gaining prominence. The staffing agencies or firms are in the race of picking up more businesses that is resulting in fewer services to the clients. However, the growth in the information technology sector is good for staffing industry as a whole. There are challenges in the field of IT related positions being faced by IT staffing agencies as tech related positions were cited as difficult to fill by direct hire staffing firms.

More emphasis is being laid on direct hire staffing by overlooking the benefits of IT staffing for hiring the staff in the field of Information Technology arena. The common benefits of IT staffing over direct permanent hiring of IT talent are explained in brief herein below.

Access to creamy talent – The IT staffing firms are capable of attracting and employing highly skilled and creamy talent and due to this reason majority of IT consultants are not interested in full time employment. The top talent also comes from retired and experienced personnel with subject matter expertise who can return as consultants.

Flexibility – IT staffing firms are fast paced in terms of hiring when compared with direct hires. Moreover, the hiring process is simple and risk free with an option to terminate the contract after the completion of the specific project. This type of staffing also eliminates overstaffing.

Payroll tax elimination – The major advantage of hiring IT consultants is that organizations can eliminate paying federal and state payroll filing and there is no year-end w-2 administration cost.

Reduced exposure to unemployment and workers compensation exposure – IT companies is benefitted to the point of not having any obligations to pay unemployment insurance premiums or workers compensation administration expenses for the consultants. These factors are all handled by staffing firms.

Elimination of HR issues:   The other major advantage that is derived from hiring the services of these consultants is there is no singular corporate hiring process that reduces the need of HR support. Overall, all the issues pertaining to HR are handled by the staffing firm with immediate response.

Overall, it can be said that hiring the services of temporary IT staffing is much more viable arrangement than any other types of staffing.

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