Exceptional Services, Outstanding Leadership Solutions

A Decades-Long Leader…

Talent Logic, Inc. was founded in 1984 and has remained a leading executive search provider since. What began as a single office has since grown to an organization that spans the nation and is recognized for its influence in web-based tools and agile recruitment processes.

Not content to rest on our collective laurels, we have pioneered innovative new ways to identify leadership talent, build effective C-suite teams, and ensure our clients can grow and thrive. Today, Talent Logic, Inc. serves clients across all industries, delivering tailored solutions that address real pain points.

Our Unique Approach

At Talent Logic, Inc., we do more than provide exemplary executive search solutions. We take a unique approach to solving your leadership problem. It all begins with an in-depth introduction to your organization so that we can learn about your needs, challenges, culture, and other factors that will inform our process.

Our Commitment

For almost four decades, Talent Logic, Inc. has led the way in executive search and we remain committed to embracing new technologies, adapting to industry changes, and understanding the evolving needs of our clients to deliver the right solutions at the right time.

Our Culture and Mindset

Talent Logic, Inc. is built on a culture of excellence and empowerment. We extend that to everything we do and every client we serve. We believe in overdelivering and exceeding your expectations with each interaction, and we do that by challenging ourselves to achieve more every day.