Staffing agencies role in helping candidate’s job search

The staffing agencies or recruitment firms have expertise in making good matches between job seekers and the companies. The role of staffing firms can be gauged from the fact that according to the Staffing Industry Analyst – 2014 report, twenty nine staffing firms generated about $50 million in temporary staffing revenue in 2013 and combined they generated $5.7 billion that comprised 59% of the market. Especially, in the health care staffing industry the five largest and fifteen largest firms have steadily increased their share of the total market that indicated a trend of increased consolidation in the healthcare staffing industry.

The staffing industry job placements usually consist of temporary/contract, contract to hire, direct hire or permanent staffing services. When employed through a staffing agency or firm, the candidate, as a part time temporary employee is likely to be eligible for benefits such as vacation time, holiday, health insurance and retirement plans. The temporary employees on the rolls of the concerned staffing agency additionally gets free training and new skill sets through their jobs, thereby getting an opportunity to work on new assignments in the form of permanent employee once they complete a temporary assignment. The biggest advantage of hiring through staffing agency is that the candidate gets an opportunity to hear about new jobs that would have never been advertised or were open to job boards.

The staffing agencies or firms specialize in vast areas of employment opportunities in different sectors such as accounting, administrative, clerical, information technology, human resources, legal, light industrial, civil engineering among others. Nevertheless, before going to consult with a staffing agency the candidate should know what type of company they would like to work etc. Candidates should come prepared like in a job interview when visiting the venue of the staffing firm or agency. They should come with references from past projects, job experiences, expertise and work history.  An experienced recruiter of the concerned staffing agency would then sit down with the job seekers to understand their career goals, strengths and expertise to ensure that their next job opportunity is the right fit.

For staffing agency, recommending a job for the candidate becomes quite easy in case the latter comes with preparation in understanding about what they want out of a job. Finally, the candidate would get an idea what the company is like and what opportunities are available to help him or her in getting the job with the help of the concerned staffing agency.