Reasons for quitting the job by temporary workers

The temporary jobs have been on a substantial growth plane with temporary help services growing continues to materially outpacing the overall employment growth. The U.S. staffing companies or firms accounted for 2.6% of non-farm payrolls or about 2.86 million workers during the month of May-2014. Amidst this growth rate in temporary jobs, a hidden problem faces the organization when hiring the services of temporary workers or employees and this relates to the workers quitting the jobs after they start on their assignments. The employer or organization therefore, should re-look into the reasons as to why the temporary workers are forced to quit the job and rectify them to finish off their projects.

Some of the basic reasons for quitting the job by the temporary employees include-

Pay: The pay factor is the one of the top reasons for temporary employees quitting the job or project assignment. Companies who hire temporary workers at lower than the market wages or standard wages for that job face the problem of temporary workers leaving their jobs. Therefore, it is required for companies or staffing agencies to ensure that the pay rates are in tandem with the market rates for the work or the job position. Good pay scales do motivates the employees to work for their prospective employer or company.

Work culture or environment: The work environment of the organization that may span from lack of training or supervision to the temperament of the colleagues, supervisors or immediate superiors plays a major role of a temporary employee to call quits. Some of the reasons may include abusive supervisors, unhealthy work premises, lack of proper on the job training etc. Therefore, it is necessary for the employers to provide a comfortable work environment, training and supervising temporary workers or employees like those that they do with their full time or permanent employees. Discriminatory practices of the employer do result in temporary employee to quit the job.

Safety: Life is more valuable than the job; therefore, temporary workers will not risk their lives on a job if the host employer’s workplace is having an unsafe environment. The temporary workers may find less risky in working with another company (competitor) who has safety standards in place.

Transportation: Majority of temporary workers or employees use public transport to get to their respective workplaces. Therefore, staffing agency providing the temporary workers should ensure that proper transport facilities are in place for workers to commute to their client organization’s location or workplace. Lack of well-planned transportation can increase absenteeism, lack of punctuality issues that may escalate into temporary worker or employee quitting the job.