Employee happiness matters more for staffing firms

Staffing industry as a whole is a competitive one and is worth over 121 billion-dollar industry.  In this type of atmosphere, there is every possibility that these firms getting into a problem or going bust if they did not maintain an ethical culture in the workplace. Staffing agencies can reap the rewards of more motivated and productive employees resulting in getting greater financial success. For staffing agencies or firms, they should look up to their employees first to keep their clients happy. According to a recent survey carried on by Career Bliss, the most content U.S. workers or employees have credited their overall job satisfaction to employee incentives, benefits, career advancement and work-life balance provided by their respective staffing agencies or firms.

The other employees indicated that the things like having a good relationship with their manager and or staff is just as important as company’s reputation in the overall industry. For staffing firms that are looking to succeed and grow beyond their boundaries, it is important that the employees’ value their employer or firm that finally results in satisfied clients. With the employee satisfaction levels remaining high, so would be their productivity and as a domino effect high productivity among employees leads to better customer service and for every staffing company, the main goal of remaining successful and profitable could be achieved.

A survey carried on by Gallup that studied both entrepreneurial startups and large established enterprises has found that lost productivity due to employee’s emotions can impact their levels of productivity and creativity. The studies further revealed that the lost productivity due to employee disengagement costs most more than $300 billion in the U.S each year and employees dissatisfaction about their organization would likely to have a high impact on that company’s (staffing firm’s) sales and profits down the line. Therefore, it is necessary for the staffing firms to create an atmosphere that focuses on relationships by appreciating its employees and treating its clients as true partners to gain goodwill over the time.

By providing the things like great benefits and incentives, a work environment that provides opportunities for learning and growth and by placing value on things (such as fun out of office events) to provide a good rapport among employees would result in obtaining a prominent place for the concerned staffing firm within the industry.