The emergence of online staffing segment

The online staffing can be defined as an online platform that helps specific hires and specific workers to enter into a contract and transact work arrangements. The online staffing involves staffing firms providing staffing services to their client in hourly or project based tasks or roles by using very fast and highly automated online platform. The recent survey of the contingent work force buyers has found a sudden increase in plans to use online staffing. It is assumed that at least ten percent of the contingent work force buyers are expected to go for online staffing over the coming years.

The online staffing global online revenue is expected to double over the next two years that may be reaching about $2.0 billion in 2014 from an estimated 2012 market size of $1.0 billion as per the study of the “U.S. Staffing Industry Forecast : April update” released by Staffing Industry Analysts. There are about 145 online staffing platform businesses that are operating globally that excludes quite a large number of tiny platform businesses. These online staffing platforms absorbs a huge amount of data on user profiles as well as their previous contacts with companies in areas that include insurance, licenses, certifications, drug tests, background checks, number of assignments, satisfaction ratings etc.

The online staffing has emerged as an alternative to staffing agencies or firms due to the following below mentioned reasons.

Economy: Companies are interested in tapping “just in time” temporary workers who can be deployed immediately by using the online platform instead of going for hiring a bunch of back up workers. For job seekers, online staffing provides them extra work and other avenues to meet their day-to-day living needs.

Information: The online staffing platforms provide sufficient information regarding the person’s work history and his/her previous work performance to hire for off-site or on-site work. The information can be accessed through internet in this mode of staffing about an individual before calling him or her for a job interview.

Technology: The online staffing platform is also providing latest technologies through smart phones, high-speed internet access and other latest communication modes that are opening the doors for many workers to accept assignments anywhere and anytime.

It can be concluded that online staffing is helping with driving a highly efficient, optimized workforce and is providing the companies in reducing their recruitment costs quite efficiently and effectively. It is expected that over the years, online staffing platform will emerge that will be similar in size and scale as global marketplaces for productive services.