The people behind the running of staffing services

The staffing industry as such is the second fastest growing industry in the United States with a projected growth of 5% in 2014. The annual turnover is expected to reach by more than $137 billion. The total U.S temporary staffing market forecast in 2014 is expected to reach about 95% of the historical peak adjusted to inflation as per the Staffing Industry Analysts – U.S. Staffing Industry Forecast. The staffing employment for the week ended June.9-15 was up by 4.59% compared with the same week during 2013. The staffing agencies or firms are forced to downsize and merge in order to stay competitive and lean.

The staffing industry has a responsibility to find the right individuals to fill positions across various industries. During the past four years, staffing industry as such has fluctuated due to strenuous labor market in the United States. In addition, the temporary staffing agencies as an industry is highly fragmented with the top four companies in the industry accounting for only about 11.4% of market share. Running a staffing agency business is not an easy one, as a staffing firm in the United States has to face competition from more than 17000 firms doing the staffing business with those firms or companies operating approximately 35,000 offices.

Nevertheless, the success behind running a successful staffing service depends upon the type of employees that would be needed to help the entrepreneur in managing their staffing services. Following persons or employees form the backbone of any staffing firm and these include the following one-

Administrative Assistant- Administrative assistants provide assistance to the upper management of the staffing firm or company.

On-site Coordinator- The function of on-site coordinator is to oversee the temporary employees at the work site and this position has its relevance when there are large groups of temporary employees at a single site such as workers at a factory.

Permanent placement specialist- This position requires the person to handle recruiting, interviewing, selection and placement of permanent employees for staffing agencies or firms’ clients.

Risk Control Officer- Risk control officer handles all insurance needs of the staffing services. Majority of staffing agencies handle their insurance needs through an outside insurance agent. Nevertheless, large staffing firms or companies with high personal injury risk (especially those dealing with industrial sector) often use in-house risk control officers.

Sales manager/sales associate- These people handle sales and usually travel to various places to generate business. Sales managers or associates provide customer service and staffing firms, even the smallest one has at least two of these positions/persons at each location. Thus, the above-mentioned people help the staffing firms in running their businesses quite in a smooth manner.