Filling the gaps in IT through IT solutions and staffing

Information Technology or IT industry’s growth depends upon the IT skills of its staff and the demand for IT services provided by the IT industry. During 2013, about 222,000 IT jobs were added to the U.S. economy. There still exists a gap in the IT demand and talent supply for the IT companies. In addition to the demand for jobs in traditional IT sector, such as security skill sets, there exists an additional demand for new skill sets such as mobility and cloud computing that has become business critical functions.

The challenge of filling the skill gap in the IT industry rests with the IT staffing firms or industry with the number of IT jobs having grown by 0.28% sequentially during the month of May-2014 to 4,650,000 according to the report of the Tech Serve Alliance – the national trade association of the IT & Engineering Staffing and Solutions industry. The report further states that on a year-on-year basis the IT employment has grown by 2.8% since 2013 by adding 130,100 IT workers. There are expectations that there would be a consistent steady climb in the IT employment numbers. The growth in the May IT employment numbers is quite similar to the month of April.

There is an emergent need for filling up the IT skill gaps by providing feasible solutions such as rescaling the existing workers as external hiring costs 20% more than the internal ones. About 75% of the existing IT employees feel that the employers are not leveraging their work experience. The other solution lies in developing IT educational partnerships with leading IT companies in the form of offering master degree courses in computer science and making two year schools more attractive for IT candidates by showing them the numbers.

In the United States, about 46 states have adopted rigorous common core standards for mathematics and about 26 states have agreed to consider the recently released Next Generation Science Standards – that aims to increase the rigor and quality of science taught in schools. It is estimated that nearly 30% Americans with Associate’s Degrees are earning more than those with Bachelor’s Degrees are. The IT industry is required to work closely with IT staffing agencies to bridge the gap between the demand and supply for IT people. Employers as of now are working harder to retain their existing tech employees and in attracting new employees. Recruiters and hiring managers are facing the problems of increase in voluntary turnover and candidates turning down job offers. These types of problem can be solved by taking the help of IT staffing agencies.