The change in hospital staffing trends in United States

The importance of primary care in the health care sector in the United States has gained prominence due to the rise in the aging population, physician workforce shortage and health care reforms.  The Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obama Care encourages the value based payment by providing insurance coverage to more than thirty million newly insured patients. The payment is shifting from fee-for-service to one that is putting the hospitals at risk for patient care both inside and outside the hospital premises. In addition to more primary care providers, hospitals as of now are aggressively hiring emergency physicians, care coordinators, clinical pharmacists, health IT and data experts and other patient care advocates.

The irony is that the requirement for more health care staffing personnel has come at a time when hospitals and health care facilities are working to cut costs by eliminating the waste expenditure and redundancies. Staffing firms specialized in health care staffing solutions have become the backbone of recruitment for the majority of hospitals and healthcare facilities. The health care staffing service agencies or firms are becoming much more relied upon resources for hospitals to shape up their workforce needs. It is estimated that about 42% of hospital executives cited that staffing as the top priority for their facility compared to 9% in 2009 according to AMN (American Mobile Nurses) Survey.

In addition, nine out of ten CEO’s responding to U.S. News survey have opined that they had planned to reduce the reliance on independent doctors in favor of a staff model. By hiring the services of a recognized permanent placement healthcare staffing agency, the health care service providers and facilities including hospitals are deriving advantages as mentioned below-

The strict candidate vetting and multiple step screening processes as per the laid down criterion is ensuring hospitals to get excellent health care staff.

The medical staffing service teams of the staffing agencies follow strict guidelines to ensure that each client is presented with only highest quality physician staffing candidates.

These staffing agencies also have expertise in providing temporary physician staffing.

Meanwhile, staffing employment for the first week of May-2014 was up by 3.64% compared with the same week last year as per the American Staffing Association or ASA Staffing Index, which increased to 96.58. Thus, the role of health care staffing agencies is a never-ending phenomenon.