Temporary staffing seeing the rising trends

Temporary staffing is once again picking up with many staffing firms getting busier with the demand for temporary staffing growing from their client organizations. Organizations are now using temporary workers as a vehicle to feel out the staffing levels and they see them as sustainable entities to be converted into permanent employees or hires. Especially, companies in the IT sector, Life Sciences are looking up for good temporary workers or employees to help them in completing their projects. The conversion rate from temporary to permanent employment is probably higher in IT sector even though the in-demand workers in those fields are able to negotiate for better and faster pay raises by crossing over from one contract to the next.

Human resource experts are now opining that permanent hiring of the temporary or contract workers has picked up across many job categories irrespective of highly skilled or light skilled projects. The market out there has become more of an employee’s market with good opportunities for contract workers to decide on about different available options to them. Even though, there has been a surge in permanent hiring of temporary workers (that has signaled the recovery of U.S. economy) but still employers were doing such activity at a slower rate than during recoveries in the past.

There is also a growing concern that more employers are hiring temporary workers without any intention of taking them on permanently as a way to cut cost and to divert the worker protection as enshrined under the Obama Care or under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, temporary staffing agencies have become one of the biggest employers in the United States.

The Partnership for the Public Good in its research has opined that temporary workers are falling into the trap of lower wages, dangerous working conditions and decline in employee protection. In some cases, there is also abuse of the temporary workers by the employers. The staffing industry on the other hand, sees the emergence of temporary labor as a sign of the times that brings efficiency in a new economy when temporary workers are themselves leaping from one job to another with more freedom than ever before.