The Critical Role of Headhunters in Recruitment

Headhunters as such are playing an important role for more than five decades especially in the United States where the profession of headhunting has grown very fast. Headhunting services have spread globally. It is estimated that in China there are more than 50,000 headhunting firms. The retained executive search that is one of the key branches of headhunting is generating revenues of more than US$10 billion per annum globally. The headhunters or headhunting firms usually identify, source and select very few exceptionally brilliant higher-level executives for a given role.

These headhunters are usually retained by the employing companies and work exclusively for them by entering into a contract. During the recession, the headhunting industry has faced enormous challenges in the form of fundamental changes in the communication arena with the emergence of social media among the professionals. These people are usually specialists in their specific sectors and niches having wider network connections that go with their practical expertise. Companies working with headhunters give 100% client allegiance to their clients for the duration of their recruitment process.  Companies are saving enormous costs due to headhunters while delivering more knowledge in a timely manner that will successfully win over their clients.

Headhunters have expertise of fully understanding about the company’s background, their culture and work ethics and therefore have a sharp focus on relationship building with clients and deep domain knowledge. As to deliver a tailor made client focused services, there requires a strong commitment and expertise from both company as well as the headhunter. The companies are required to rebuild its platform to enable the headhunting firms to deliver more with less by providing them tools to maximize efficiency in the field of advanced technologies. In midst of the constant changes that are taking place, the integrity, ethics and code and conduct linked with the headhunting profession in finding the exemplary talent for their clients should never be compromised.

The biggest satisfaction that a headhunting firm gets is when their successful candidates have achieved excellence for companies, had become good corporate citizens, and are meeting their social responsibilities arising in the course of their destination.