Bird’s-eye view of services offered by staffing agencies

Staffing industry as a whole consists of staffing agencies, recruiters, headhunters, and other placement firms helping organizations in bridging the skill gaps and in adding jobs more than previously within the U.S. economy. Organizations as well as job seekers are finding it more advantageous in collaborating with top staffing agencies in fulfilling their skill gaps and economic uncertainty. Amidst the scarce talent, hard to fill job positions, and ever-increasing expectations, staffing agencies or firms have proven that they have guts to deliver exceptional services to both clients and job candidates.

The American Staffing Association revealed that more than 90% of companies in the United States use the services of staffing firms to recruit employees. About 40% of Americans who are on the lookout for their first jobs or those getting back into job market are signing up with the staffing agencies. The staffing industry is placing about 2.96 million people per day in the United States. In spite these numbers, the staffing market is highly influenced by the economic cycles due to unemployment rates and the labor productivity having a larger impact on the concerned firms’ hiring rate.

Staffing firms are offering different types of staffing services to their client organizations with each of them having their own specialty and norms. Some of the important staffing services are explained in brief as mentioned below.

Temporary Staffing: Majority of staffing firms are identified with temporary staffing services. Under the temporary staffing service, the concerned firm recruits, screens, hires employees, and these employees are then assigned to the firm’s clients for a short-term period and for duties that range from lower level junior executive/clerical to higher-level executive tasks. Majority of organizations seek interest in using temporary staff as it offers them flexibility in taking major hire or fire decisions.  

Temporary to hire staffing: This type of staffing service is also known as “temp-to-perm” is just like hiring a temporary help except that in this case, the client organization will hire a temporary employee with the purpose of examining the candidates to be taken back as a full time employee. The advantage of this type of service is that the client company would have an opportunity in knowing about the candidate’s work skills and ethics.

Contract staffing: In this type of staffing, recruitment is based for individual positions rather than functions as a whole. Here, there is a co-employment relationship where the firm supplies staff to its client organization for a specific function at time based on an hourly rate. These staff has technical skills under the rolls of the firm but is supervised on a regular basis by the client organization. The job’s length typically varies from three to twelve months that may be extended to two years or more.