Managing temporary employees/workers through motivation

Organizations to run effectively and efficiently need employees or staff for carrying out their businesses in a smooth manner. Organizations need not show any discrepancy when hiring employees as temporary employees or full time/permanent employees. The employees as a human capital requires huge investment on part of organizations and therefore employing temporary staff are ideal for short term based projects as temporary workers or employees comes at lower cost due to absence of providing them permanent benefits and compensation. Organizations can just hire the temporary workers through staffing agencies immediately at the heck of a call.

However, it does not mean that organizations behave with temporary employees or workers improperly when compared with permanent employees. Temporary workers easily get frustrated when they see that their permanent counterparts are benefiting from employer incentives and if they do not work as a team with other staff (permanent employees); the dynamics could affect the concerned company’s productivity. Therefore, motivating temporary employees or workers would have a good edge over the competitors. Organizations must ensure that the work place is ideal and have environment that is conducive in attracting the best and enthusiastic workers.

Organizations must be able to provide motivating tools that the staff needs to do their work well in the form of well-structured training or safe work environment with the latest or updated equipment. The temporary or contingent work force would be motivated when the organization takes on the following activities:


  1. Have realistic expectations: Organizations hiring the temporary workers should have realistic expectations that are duly aligned with the compensation that the organization can afford. A professional staffing agency can help in finding the right skilled staff and screen them for ability, organizational fit and reliability.
  2. Providing clear instructions with respect to individual responsibilities: Organizations must ensure that temporary staff has a supervisor or team leader to ensure that their grievances are heard of. Ambiguity or misunderstanding can ruin the projects undertaken by the organization if the staff is demoralized.
  3. Give bonuses, incentives, gift cards etc: Temporary employees feels motivated when the employer awards bonuses or gives gifts to star temporary employees. For instance, organizations can offer completion bonus for temporary workers when they work for the entire projects with success. Pre-planned weekend vacations can also enhance the mood of temporary workers and encourage them to work harder in the office.

These above mentioned motivational factors would help temporary workers to complete the project in an effective manner.