Selecting tips for hiring a right staffing agency

The staffing agencies have emerged as mainstream employers by employing 13 million people each year in the United States and having helped in getting 750,000 new jobs to the U.S. economy since recession. It is estimated that more than 1/3rd of the U.S. companies hired the services of staffing agencies during 2012-13. However, choosing or selecting a right staffing agency is requires research on the part of organizations doing businesses in their concerned industry or sector. The following tips would help the organizations in hiring the right staffing agency indulged in direct hire staffing services.

Specialized staffing agency: When the requirement is for specialized employees or recruiting then there are significant merits to work with a staffing agency that is specialized in the specific sector or industry. Staffing agencies that centers on a specific sector or industry have much deep contacts, stronger relationship and more powerful networks than generalist staffing agencies. Specialized staffing agencies are already imbedded in the market place. Therefore, the companies can depend on them on their technicalities or knowledge of the concerned sector (Finance, Information Technology, and Engineering etc), hiring issues for job openings even before they are hired as such.

Hire from a limited talent pool: Niche professional staffing agencies are capable of identifying candidates with unusual mix of skills and have expertise in uncovering the information that is not always apparent on the surface of a resume. A niche-staffing agency is able to read between the lines, have capability of making unexpected connections due to in depth knowledge about a given market, and the job functions duly embedded with detailed knowledge of their candidate network. These staffing agencies are generally more up to date regarding candidates’ specialty skills, personnel movement within an industry and on market drivers that affect personnel in their niche market.

Specialization saves time and money: Human Resource Managers who have time constraints usually do not have expertise to work with a staffing agency that is inept in knowledge or the contacts needed to fill a highly specific job opening. Companies choosing to work with a niche-staffing agency will reap the benefits of their (staffing agency) efficiencies throughout the search and hiring process.

Questions to ask a staffing agency:  Before selecting a right staffing agency, companies must ask the following below mentioned specific questions directed to the specialist of the concerned staffing agency and these questions may include:

  • In which industries does your staffing agency specialize?
  • What is the experience of your recruiters in the staffing industry?
  • What is your recruitment process?
  • What is the cost to fill up the specific position you have open?
  • Do you have Client Agreement to review and approve?
  • What is your experience in filling up Management and Non-management positions? Etc.

By asking above-mentioned basic questions, companies can arrive at a decision of hiring the right staffing agency.