Role of contract to hire staffing in reliving recruiter stress

Contract to hire staffing is the process or way of recruiting candidates by organizations or companies that want to test the candidates’ abilities of assimilating with the concerned company’s work ethics and its culture. For the candidate, this type of staffing enables him or her to try out the company to be of his/her liking or not as part of their career growth. Companies can choose this type of staffing service when they have to finish off a project on an urgent basis and to complete the work as quickly as possible.

Majority of recruiters do try to avoid contract to hire staffing as they think that this will add to their stress levels even though contract to hire staffing can help in doing away with some of the common causes of recruiter stress and these are explained in brief herein as under.

Economic uncertainty: Even though the economic recession is supposed to have long gone however, in many parts of the world, it is in its last stages. Nevertheless, with political hotchpotch and additional employment regulations going on, companies are still feeling hesitant to hire permanent employees. For recruiters it is not an end in itself if the clients (companies) institute a hiring freezing or if there is another recession on the horizon. Embracing contract to hire staffing smooth outs the highs and lows of direct hire. Contract to hire staffing allows companies to bring in the staff they need without committing to direct hire. They can even add contractors during a hiring freeze within their minimum budgets.

Slow decision-making: As of now, employers are afraid of selecting the wrong candidates in these times of economic uncertainty and therefore are not interested in taking direct hire decisions. This result in losing top candidates that puts the companies in a crisis of shelving their business projects. With contract to hire staffing, companies gets the double bonanza in the form of candidates who can complete the work as quickly as possible and converting the candidate into a permanent employee if the candidate is a perfect cultural/work fit.

Cost and timesavings: For companies using the contract to hire staffing services, the upfront costs of hiring are absorbed by the contract staffing agency that includes screening and background checks. Even on boarding is made easier because the staffing agency prepares all the employees for their first few days on the job and they (contract staffing agency) acts as a liaison between Client Company and the contract employee if any problem arises. Thus, the role of contract to staffing is very important for sustainable growth of the companies doing variety of businesses.