Head hunters using traditional skills amidst web based tools

The arrival of the social media has changed the functioning of the recruiting industry enormously with majority of staffing agencies and head hunting firms abandoning the traditional tools of recruiting methods and strategies. The online professional networking site LinkedIn with its over 238 million global members has transformed the headhunting industry as a whole. However, far from displacing the existing headhunting skills, social media have magnified their importance. The present generation of headhunters is using social media to develop a large pool of potential talent in specific disciplines but is doing with their traditional diplomatic skills that headhunters can claim as their own.

Before the advent of social media, one of the traditional tool of headhunting involved digging through documents and business newspapers to search and highlight the individual (executive) names. However, now the details are available on LinkedIn profiles that permit headhunters to weigh up the exact attributes of the candidates who have or had left a particular organization or seeking career profiles and then approaching it with a potential list of replacements that are very good fit for the particular job positions extracted from social media. LinkedIn is a big online database of executives who can be approached by the headhunters but they need to ascertain the interests of these executives before laying hands on them.

High flying executives does not have time to spend on updating their online profiles therefore headhunters are required to use the traditional method of contacting them through telephones or cell phone to track down these prospective employees. On the other hand, the high technology industry such as Silicon Valley can be considered as a mine for online recruitment headhunters who may face an uphill task if they want to get a grip on the finest brains in venture capital start-ups.

Majority of IT organizations in Silicon Valley want to discourage external scrutiny that culminates into prohibiting staff from even having a social media profile. This behavior is leading headhunters to abandon online research and opt for industry gatherings/meetings or sessions for hunting techies as prospective employees for their client companies or organizations. Mixing traditional headhunting tools with online tools is the right way to get the best candidates as face-to-face contact (traditional mode) changes their relationship.