Direct hire staffing agencies role in employment generation

Getting employment is the top priority of majority of job seekers as they are required to earn a decent living as per their living standards and to grow within their career path according to their acquired qualifications and skills. However, the irony is that there are fewer jobs available than the number of applicants or job seekers. As a candidate or job seeker, it is quite difficult to get a job on your own as for one job there are about ten times or more of job applicants who are on job search for the available job positions.

Then the remedy for such situation is to hire the services of direct staffing agencies or firms who can help you in finding the job that you want. The direct hire staffing firms have emerged as the distinct placement service providers specialized in placing highly skilled office and administrative/technical support functions for full time/temporary job positions. The direct hire staffing agencies are matching millions of people to millions of jobs. As per the government data, there are about two million fewer people employed in the United States, before the economy went into recession. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there exists more than 20 million Americans who are unemployed or underemployed.

The direct hire staffing agencies are playing very crucial role in terms of reducing the unemployment or underemployment situations in United States. During the past four years, the American Staffing Agencies or ASAs’ have added close to one million new jobs to the U.S. economy that had far outpaced virtually every other sector and industry. There is a growing evidence of structural shift in the way businesses are turning to the direct hire staffing agencies for talent and workforce solutions. Companies are depending more on flexible and agile workforce than ever before and for that, they are turning to staffing agencies as a major source for their workforce.

Even government agencies and non-profit entities are using direct hire staffing agencies to find seasonal employees during busy periods of the year. A fine example can be given of the United Post Office when during holiday season they take to new workers to handle the increased volumes of gifts, cards and letters sent through the mail. UPS a private packaging and forwarding logistics company hires additional sorters, loaders and drivers during the holiday season with the help of direct staffing agencies. The role of staffing services can be observed from the fact that about seven firms generated at least $25 million in direct hire staffing revenue in 2011 that accounted for about 10% of total staffing market. Thus, direct staffing agencies are helping organizations in getting qualified and well-experienced employees for various types of organizations.