Rising outlook of contract to hire staffing

At present, companies are facing tough economic challenges along with competitive factors that is making hard for them in running their businesses profitably. Budgets are tight and organizations are forced to do more with less. Moreover, companies are not in a position to ride on with bad hiring decisions that can cost their business dearly and influence their brand image. Therefore, companies are laying stress on finding the right persons with talent as their employees as quickly as possible at a right price. The longer it takes for the concerned company in finding candidates with necessary skills and aptitude, the longer they are distracted from vital company projects especially in case of companies in IT sector.

For these reasons, more and more companies are relying on contract staffing services to help them increase their hiring efficiencies. Firms are now more inclined towards the motto of “try before you buy” and therefore are not hesitating in approaching contract to hire staffing firms for their requirements. For organizations, utilizing contract workers is about more than just filling an immediate need.

Organizations are now thoroughly assessing the candidate’s on-the-job performance to determine if they have the necessary skills needed for the job. In addition, these organizations get the chance of examining whether the potential hire is a good fit for the concerned organization’s work culture. Doing such checks is enabling the Human Resource Managers to determine if the individual would make a good permanent employee.

The use of contract staffing in the form of contractors especially in Information Technology sector where companies are able to have more flexibility in their staffing strategies. For short-term projects that require expert skill sets, using contractors is allowing businesses to acquire the proficiency they need for the precise timeframe of a particular job. This in turn is saving these organizations considerable money and labor resources. During peak seasons or in assisting with important projects, the IT staffing firms or agencies are providing experienced, reliable and contingent IT personnel as and when needed.

As per the Career Builder’s -2013 U.S. Job forecast, majority of companies are turning to recruiting and staffing companies to help them in meeting their increased market demands. About 40% of employers are planning to hire temporary and contract workers in 2013 that is up from 36% during 2012. Among these, about 42% of them plan to transit some temporary workers into full time permanent employees over the next 12 months.