The new dynamics of IT staffing industry

The Information Technology or IT industry is one of most dynamic industry with speedy adaptation of available technologies that require professionally qualified and qualitative staff. Recently analysts forecast-ed that total spending in hardware, software and general IT services in United States might increase by about 6 percent in 2013 that may reach roughly $474 million. With the global recession still looming large, majority of firms are facing the dilemma of staying in the race ahead of their competitors in the field of Information Technology. This is possible only when qualitative IT staff is at the disposable of these IT companies or organizations.

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Challenges faced by employment agencies in United States

Employment agencies are providing recruiting, staffing and human resource functions to employers and candidates for decades. However, in recent times new recruiting trends are emerging due to advancement in the Information Technology and their related fields. The emergence of social media is also changing the landscape for hiring manager and the Human Resource (HR) departments of the organizations the world over. The traditional employment agencies have been effected by the financial crisis of late 2000’s that is considered by majority of economists to be the worst ever since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

There emerged significant work changes and as per the estimates of the United States Department of Labor, the recruiting industry will increase by more than 50% by 2014. There has been an increase in the skilled professionals searching job listings by using job search engines and recruitment websites and other top job sites to find a new career opportunity and to post their resumes. Even though, this trend has changed the dynamics of the recruiting industry, the traditional brick and mortar employment agencies are still a major resource for companies that need to locate for top talent in their specific fields or discipline within their business sectors.

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The major problems faced by temporary staffing agencies

Temporary staffing agencies are those staffing firms that provide staffing solutions to their client’s personnel problems by providing a short-term work force consisting of skilled workers or employees that are available at a short notice. The temporary staffing agencies are helping organizations in filling up their vacant job positions for a day or couple of weeks when the permanent employee is on sick leave or on vacation. The positions may remain vacant even for a longer period such as training or maternity leave where the actual employee intends to return and the company trying to preserve the position without losing productivity.

The temporary staffing agencies do face problems when placing temporary workers or employees as per their client’s directions and requirements. The main three problems or obstacles include the following ones that are explained below for the benefit of readers.

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