Expectations from a temporary staffing agency

Jobs do not grow on trees therefore, a candidate or job seeker has two options to check out. One is that as a job seeker, he or she is required to respond to job postings, job advertisements, job boards and the second option is to apply for a job with a temporary staffing agency. Temporary staffing agencies or temp agencies or firms are service providers who provide services that are beneficial for both the employers and the employees. These temporary staffing agencies can be approached by both the employer and or by the job seekers/candidates.

Employers through temporary staffing agencies or firms can get their vacant job positions filled up temporarily so that the work get carried on while they search for a permanent employee. For the candidates availing the services of temporary staffing agencies, it will enable them to find a job within a short period of time or a chance to be recruited as a full time employee in the due course of time. When applying to a temporary staffing agency for temporary jobs, the candidates can expect that the concerned temp agency place him or her as per their matching qualifications and work experiences.

The temporary staffing agency can place the candidate with different companies that the concerned firm has established contacts. The contract thus entered with the client companies describes what type of work they need to be done, what the prospective employees duties will be and how much they will be paid. However, each temporary staffing agency has its own guidelines and different contracts with their client companies.

As a candidate, applying for temp jobs, the concerned candidate must first walk in to a temporary staffing agency where a staffing specialist will help out the candidate in filling out the information or application that helps in highlighting the candidate’s strength’s. Along with the application, the candidate is required to annex a resume or if he or she does not have a resume, the staffing agency would help the candidate in creating one. The temporary agency also requires the candidate to get references for the type of work that the candidate is seeking along with background checks.

The interview at the temporary agency is quite similar to an interview for the candidate, as would have been when the concerned candidate directly applies to a company looking for a new employee. However, interviews taken by temporary staffing agencies are less stressful than regular job interviews as majority of staffing companies are interested in increasing their pool of candidates to choose from and therefore oversee some of the candidate’s weaknesses. To get success in job interviews of temporary staffing agencies, the candidate is required to be honest and have his/her answers prepared well for all potential questions. Some of the temporary staffing agencies also conduct training sessions or courses for acing job interviews successfully.