The actual worth of headhunters

The term head hunters may be defined as an individual or a firm that provides employment recruitment services. A headhunter is usually hired by organizations to locate individuals who meet specific job requirements for higher management level positions. Headhunters are retained to fill up positions that require high skill levels, or higher pay package. Headhunters that work on behalf of a firm or client organization scour top multinational companies for tapping top talent. Headhunters are also known by the name of “Executive Recruiter” who acts aggressively to find talent by looking at competitors’ employees.

Headhunters command much higher fees when compared with staffing agencies or firms due to their nature of work. Sometimes doubts emerge in the minds of the companies as well as the job seekers whether the headhunters are really worthy enough to charge such a high remuneration or fees. The answer for this depends upon the needs of the concerned company that requires filling up its higher-level executive positions, the current state of the job market and the uniqueness of the position that the company is trying to fill up.

Headhunters have industry specific expertise or experience. Irrespective of the company, which is in various business sectors such as medical, construction, engineering, insurance, law, finance, information technology or any other businesses; headhunters are available specialized in each of these industries or sectors. These headhunters have extensive knowledge of the particular challenges and trends of those industries that they are dealing with. Therefore, headhunters are able to tailor the candidates’ search to ensure that they are looking for the best talent.

In the normal course of in-house or direct hire, screening and recruiting new candidates or hires takes time and money for an organization. A headhunter when hired by the concerned organization would advertise the role, search their own database of candidates, screen incoming resumes and head hunt passive candidates and then sending only the best candidates, they find to their client organizations. The headhunter eliminates the need to sift through massive number of resumes that comes in and limits the number of interviews that an organization has to conduct to only a few.

One of the Unique Selling Proposition or USP of headhunter is their developed pool of business contacts that helps them in developing large pool of outstanding candidates so that they can market them to companies that may be interested in them. Headhunters also invest far more time into research and tracking of passive candidates than other staffing agencies or firms do. Thus, it can be said that having a headhunter is worthy as long as he or she supplying quality candidates to their client organizations.