IT staffing trends and its expectations

About eighty percent of the major U.S employers that were surveyed expected that their 2013 rate of hiring would meet or exceed that of their previous years. Companies that plan to accelerate hiring this year expect to increase their staffing levels by at least three percent. The Forrester Research survey expects that the global spending on IT services is to hit by about 3.8 trillion with a projected growth of 8.3% for 2013 for business and government purchases of information technology goods and services. According to the Gartner Research, about 350 U.S. firms indicated that each of them plans to invest more than $1 billion in IT to improve their business performances.

The spending in IT is fueled due to emerging technologies such as cloud computing, mobile technologies, social and data analytics. According to a hiring trends study released by the technology staffing firm Yoh as on Feb.14.2013, Of companies that plan to accelerate hiring in 2013, 83% expect to increase their staffing levels by at least 3 percent. The survey administered by Amplitude Research Inc. during January-2013 examined the hiring practices and expectations of nearly one hundred and fifty human resource executives and hiring managers at some of the largest employers in the United States. All respondents came from American companies with revenues of at least $750 million and workforces of at least 1500 employees.

Yoh’s Workforce Study Trends for 2013 reveals that the demand for talent exists at nearly all levels of these surveyed organizations especially in information technology, operation, production and sales. Even in the current cautious economic environment, IT companies are choosing to continue to invest in upgrading their existing IT systems and infrastructure and developing new systems to remain competitive. These new technologies are being used to support businesses through virtual and social platforms. The existing as well as prospective IT staff is required to design and develop new applications to fulfill the Chief Information Officers or CIO’s and management directives to improve the consumer interactivity online.

Mobile growth is another reason for the demand of IT staff as developers and it is anticipated to rise rapidly between 2012 and 2015. During early 2012, cell phone adaptation rates worldwide were at 5.9 billion users and Gartner predicts that by 2015 one billion smart phones would be sold. Healthcare with its increasing use of mHealth (mobile technologies) also require developers who can create health care applications for mobile platforms. The greatest demand for IT Staff is expected from areas of project management, analytics and developers who can help IT departments to meet enterprise mobile, social networking and data center/warehousing requirements. Thus, it can be said that the demand for IT staffing trends will continue to grow in the coming decades.