Some of the top trends in the executive employment market

The ExecuNet, which is a business and career membership network for senior level executives, has released its annual Executive Job Market Intelligence Report-2013. It revealed that the executive recruiters are more positive than they have been in the past five years. The report surveyed a large proportion of business executives that provided a fresh insight into some of the top trends that truly reflect the trends in the executive employment market. Some of the top trends in the Executive Employment Market as per its report are discussed herein below for the benefit of the readers and some of these trends are:

1.    In spite of the slow growth in the overall economy, 45% of executives are thinking about alternatives. Even those who feel good, majority of them have recognized that there is no job security. In the next 12 months, about 34% of executives are thinking about leaving their organizations, about 7% of executives are preparing to leave organizations and 4% are expected to leave their parent organizations. Executives working in the technology sector report the greatest likelihood of making a job change.

2.    Executives have learned to be prepared for the unexpected happenings due to uncertainty over the last few years. They have learnt not be complacent about their careers. Even though, the executives who were surveyed showed higher levels of organizational pride, respect to the boss, engaging and fulfilling work, and close relationship with their colleagues, nearly half of the surveyed executives are in job search state of mind and just over a half gave a new role some consideration during 2012.

3.    Receiving viable calls from the executive search firms is expected to be the likely trigger for executives to look for a new role in 2013. Even though, executive search firms have reported having a tough time in connecting with top talent by phone or other communication modes than in previous year that is in 2012.

4.    The survey has also thrown light on the fact that executives leave their companies frequently because of the people who manage them and therefore management of the concerned organizations must be vigilant at creating the right environment with the right opportunities to keep their top executives from jumping fence over to greener pastures.

5.    The survey further revealed that those at the very top of the organization such as CEO’s, Presidents, and COO’s are motivated to stay for the opportunity they have to help drive their parent companies directions and decisions. Some of the reasons for these top level executives to stay with their current employers include their relationship with other executives and subordinates, opportunity for input into the organization’s direction and decisions, their work location – City or State, their job skills and interests that fits appropriately with their current job position. Thus, these are the some top five trends happening in the executive search/employment market.