The role of professional staffing agencies in the job market

Professional staffing service firms or agencies are those staffing firms that are involved in providing high quality and well experienced professionals who are predominately inaccessible through other recruiting channels. These professionals staffing agencies source candidates from the core talent pool through collective professional networks and traditional recruiting methods to present their client organizations a superior group of candidates from which to select for the next hire. The professionals staffing agencies focus on placing junior to senior level professionals on temporary, contract-to-hire and direct hire staffing basis to clients that include small to medium sized business organizations, academic institutions and non-profit organizations.

The candidates may be pooled across a variety of functions that include accounting, legal and marketing, human resources and finance, technical and senior management levels. The professional staffing agencies are capable of discovering talent that is in wraps. Studies do proved that about 70% of the professional job market is hidden or invisible that means that neither the current career opportunities nor the perfect candidate is open and visible to those seeking opportunities or talent. The role of professional staffing agencies comes to the fore as recruiters through their direct relationship either with the hiring manager or with qualified candidates.

A good professional staffing agency can help both professional candidates and the hiring manager of their client organization in fine-tuning their search, make the best use of their skills and opportunities and give them an insight into the hidden job market. The professional staffing agencies are also involved in providing scientific staff for those organizations engaged in the Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Environmental, Research or Testing Laboratories and Clinical or Hospital labs. These types of professional staffing agencies are involved in providing “non-permanent” workforce for a period ranging from one year to ten years period.

The professional staffing agencies or firms are also engaged in providing the Information Technology or IT needs of their client organizations in the IT sector with qualified and professional IT staff at a competitive price. They are capable of providing the right combination of people for specific jobs or IT projects. Additionally, some of the these agencies have expertise in providing onshore, offshore, or dual shore high-tech resources depending upon the structure, budget and project scope of their prospective client organizations. Thus, it can be said that professional staffing agencies are providing access to professionals with the experience that is required by their client organizations for running their (client organizations) businesses more effectively and efficiently.