Functions of permanent staffing agencies

Permanent staffing refers to hiring an employee by the company on a long-term basis. It involves a higher degree of search and screening process to ensure that the clients’ resource requirements are fully understood by optimizing their workforce management. The concerned staffing firm utilizes their tried and tested hiring practices to ensure consistent new hire quality of their client organizations.  The permanent staffing agencies assignments include sourcing and initial screening of the candidates as well as coordinating of interviews with their client organizations.

The most important part of permanent staffing assignment is to get a good understanding of the job description, the kind of person or prospective employee the concerned client is looking for and the culture of the client to ensure that the staffing agency recommend only those people or candidates with the correct fit. The permanent staffing agency usually delegates their each client assignment to their experienced recruitment consultant who has extensive recruiting expertise.

Permanent staffing  may be better compared to that of temporary hiring due to the fact that direct staff may put in more efforts and works towards creating a better impression to gain a long term employment. Temporary hires on the other hand, may only be concerned with meeting the current requirements and in putting in the required time. Permanent staffing also allows firms to retain better control over their work culture and productivity.

The usual functions performed by a permanent staffing agency or firm include:

1. Discover- The first thing that a permanent staffing agency does when hired for their services by an organization is to know about the concerned client organization’s objectives and their background and culture. If possible, the staffing agency may send its higher executives to their client’s workplace to gain an in-depth understanding of the job position, roles and responsibilities and the ideal candidate that they are looking for.

2. Developing recruitment plan: The permanent staffing agency then develops a customized recruiting plan for their client organization and then explore from their network, the available passive candidates of top talent who may not actively be seeking a new job.

3. Qualify: The next step or function involves starting face-to-face meeting with the candidate that include customized behavioral interview. An in depth verification of the concerned candidate’s professional preferences and work history are conducted by the agency.

4. Matching and offering: The staffing agency then selects the most targeted groups of candidates and presents them with their profiles to their client organization. The staffing agency manages the entire interviewing process and work with the client organization to select the most qualified candidate and to finalize the job offer specifics. The selection process culminates with the offer letter being offered by the organization to the candidate recommended by the staffing agency.  Thus, these are some of the main functions of a permanent staffing agency.