Achieve business goals through staff augmentation

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy that is used to staff a project in response to business objectives. The normal process in this type of staffing involves an organization evaluating the existing staff and then determining what type of additional skills that are required to complete the project. The main benefits or advantages of staff augmentation as a strategy are that it may leverage the existing resources that are available within the concerned organization in addition to utilizing the outsourced services through contract workers. Staff augmentation works well with those companies who must scale up and down their staffing needs depending upon the projects. Staff augmentation also enables organizations to strengthen their management with top-notched professionals.

Hiring the services of staffing firm or consultant begins with evaluating the existing staff by the concerned organization to determine how and where the need for additional staff can be more effective. Some of the benefits of staff augmentation services are:

1. Experienced personnel: Staff augmentation enables organizations to get outsourced resources that are experienced and well trained to their specific needs to be recruited or placed immediately on the workload or the project.

2. Low risk: Staff augmentation has low risk proposition as no long-term commitment or investment is required to be made in outsourced resources. There are also no costs associated with benefits, taxes, unemployment insurance etc.

3. Attrition rates: Recentstudies indicate that improvement in the economy leads to about 40% of the employed professionals in the Information Technology sector changing employers. Therefore, in such cases where the attrition is an inevitable side effect of a positive economic picture, staff augmentation helps in solidifying the staffing needs of the organization especially in the IT sector.

4. Flexibility: In these times of competitive environment, an organization needs to remain flexible in business to face the vagaries of competition and to remain powerful. The ability to adapt is what promises that a company stays ahead of the curve. By using the staff augmentation as a staffing method, organizations can ramp up the intensity of their staff’s work output when needed.

Thus, it can be said that staff augmentation is a way through which businesses can find the required talent and skill they need to deal with changed projects and programs that will not only helps the organization in reducing staffing costs but also in achieving their business goals.