Some interesting facts about Staffing Agencies

Staffing agency or employment agency works to match employers with suitable employees and reconciles the labor needs of its corporate clients with individuals or workers who have the skill sets necessary to match those needs. A typical staffing agency works or operates with focus on particular sectors or industries within the job market. For instance, there are staffing agencies that have specialization in providing staffing services in the field or sectors of Information Technology, Manufacturing, Accounts and Finance while other staffing agencies may have expertise in providing staffing services in the field of Construction, Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Power and other business sectors.

Staffing agencies or companies are matching millions of people to millions of jobs globally and it is estimated that about 2.98 million people per day are being employed by staffing agencies. The staffing companies have created about 500,000 new jobs over the past two years.  Staffing agencies usually provides personnel either for a short time or term well known as temporary staffing services that may be for a period of three to six months or on permanent basis usually known as direct hire services. The direct hire services provided by staffing agencies is an excellent way of finding the right people without their client companies have to use lot of resources for the recruitment purposes. Nevertheless, it is a win-win situation for both staffing agency as well as for their client company.

Staffing agencies have helped about 79% of temporary workers to work full time that is equivalent to the rest of the work force. The staffing agencies offers flexibility to both employees and the companies in the sense that candidates can choose when, where and how they are willing to work while the companies get the skills they need to keep fully staffed during seasonal periods. The other facts about the staffing agencies are:

  • About 90% of staffing agencies arrange free training for all of their employees and about 65% of those who went through the programs fostered new aptitude and improved on existing skills.
  • About 88% of people who enter the staffing agencies as temporary workers opined that short-term work made them more employable to companies looking for permanent employees.
  • With the unemployment rate continuing to decline and an imminent recovery of economies, the staffing agencies have maintained the growth that they have accumulated during the recession. The staffing industry as whole grew about 25% for the year-2012 with companies looking for further growth during 2013 and beyond.